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Benefits of PHN Techno Lab Franchise


Profit Sharing

Earn a yearly profit 70% of your investment, like having a money-making robot by your side (RS 1.5 LAKHS / MONTH)


Refundable Deposit

The initial deposit is fully refundable if you decide to part ways with us. NO HARD FEELINGS, WE PROMISE


Wide Range of Robotics Kits

Students can explore a diverse range of robotics kits directly from our lab. 150+ EQUIPMENTS

What our Client Says

What our Client Says

How PHN Techno Lab Franchise Works?


Space Requirement

Franchise must have a minimum of 400 sqft of space for the franchise setup.


Team Management

Franchise is responsible for day-to-day operations and must have a team of 2 members to handle operations effectively.


Client Acquisition

Franchise partners visit schools to promote PHN Techno Lab services and generate interested leads.


Target Schools

Franchise aim to establish PHN Techno Lab in at least 20 schools in their designated area within 5 years, providing robotics education services to schools.


Investment and Profit

Franchise partners invest Rs 25 Lakhs & can expect a yearly profit equal to 70% of their investment.


Training and Support

Franchise receive training and ongoing support from PHN Techno Lab to ensure smooth operations and success of the franchise.

Steps to Open Franchise

Submission of application for franchisee
Meeting and discussion
Signing the agreement and payment
High tech PHN Techno Lab setup

Who we are?


PHN Technology Pvt. Ltd. Ensuring affordable access to robotics and technical learning for every student in India is essential.


We have planned to deliver robotics education from Class 1 to Class 12, benefiting every student and enhancing their cognitive and new age technology learning.


Affordable robotics learning for everyone.


“PHN Robotics Learning program provides an Affordable and innovative solution for Digital Learning, empowering students to compete globally and shaping the future of education.”


Our Vision

PHN Techno lab provides comprehensive robotics education, catering to students from Class I to Class XII, fostering cognitive development and empowering them with new-age technology skills for holistic learning.


Our Mission

Ensuring affordable access to robotics and technical learning for every student in India is imperative as it cultivates essential skills and equalizes educational opportunities, while also fostering employability and nurturing innovation for the country's progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

To generate revenue through tuition classes, you can offer robotics-related educational courses to students you will get 80% revenue sharing of Tuition classes. As a franchisee, you would act as a retailer or distributor for the robotics products provided by PHN Technology. You will get a 10% margin on each product.
If you are unable to generate school interest independently, our team will proactively connect with you and work in your area to generate school leads. As a franchisee, you will still get benefit from the sales activities by conducting tuition classes and selling robotics products.
The duration of the agreement is for 5 years, with a locking period of 1 year. To terminate this agreement, you must provide a notice at least 30 days in advance.
The agreement is carefully prepared to meet all legal requirements and regulations, and it has been validated by a licensed notary public to ensure its authenticity and legality.
Preferred locations for the franchise should be commercial and easily accessible to transportation. In the case of residential locations, we will assess the proximity to schools in the area before confirming suitability.
PHN will provide the standards for sales, business development strategies, and approaching schools. Additionally, guidance on attracting students to the PHN Techno Lab will be provided.